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Instinct Community Based Training offers numerous tailored training initiatives which aim to meet the complex needs identified across a broad range of organisations, offering a multitude of services throughout Australia. The concept of tailored training means the training provided will be designed and centered around the specific needs of your service.

We currently have a wide variety of POTENTIAL TRAINING OPTIONS which have received outstanding recommendations from numerous services. We are also prepared to design a training package in consultation with a Coordinator / delegated person at your organisation to ensure the training meets your needs. The most popular training options, meeting the established needs of many Disability Service Organisations at this point are:

    • Medication Handling, Storage and Administration
    • Manual Handling
    • Value Based Training
    • Social Role Valorisation
    • Communication, including PECS & Basic Sign Language
    • Choice and Decision Facilitation
    • Rights vs Interests
    • Nutrition & Food Handling
    • Sexuality & Gender Empowerment
    • Putting The ‘Person’ in Person Care
    • Person Centered Practice

We also offer some established accredited and non-accredited training packages such as:

    • Senior First Aid Courses: Including CPR Certification and CPR Refresher courses, as well as full 18 hour Senior First Aid Courses and 9 hour Senior First Aid Refresher courses. We also offer Basic First Aid courses and tailored first aid courses to meet the needs of your service and/or service users.
    • Back Care Courses: Instinct Community Based Training has trainers accredited with ‘Lynn Varcin-Coad & Associates’ to teach Freestyle Manual Handling, an exciting, well respected way of using your body to transfer weight. It uses balance, pelvic power and stablisation to achieve a comprehensive approach to manual handling tasks which can potentially reduce physical stress and injury.